SEEDING Initiative

Capital Loan Opportunity for Native Nations & Native Business Owners. No cost specialized technical assistance is available for some borrowers alongside our loans.

NDN Collective SEEDING Initiative Loan & Capacity Building Opportunity

Are you a Tribal Nation, Tribal corporation or enterprise, or an Indigenous-owned business and/or organization ready for capitalization or expansion for a resilient and regenerative large-scale project or business?

NDN Fund is proud to announce that we are providing loan capital and capacity building under our SEEDING Initiative (Social Enterprise & Economic Development for Indigenous Growth).

The SEEDING Initiative is seeking projects or businesses that operate in the areas of renewable energy, community development, and housing, resilient and sustainable housing, social enterprise, or regenerative agriculture. We are looking to invest in Indigenous-led developments or businesses that either need

  1. Large scale capital to launch or expand developed concepts or
  2. Pre-development, construction, or bridge capital for emerging or developing concepts.

Our purpose is to create a process for sourcing development projects and businesses that we can invest in and provide capacity-building support so our Tribal Nations, Tribally developed corporations, and Tribal entrepreneurs can reach their greatest triple bottom line potential. While the financing industry is familiar with this term, NDN Collective prefers to think of social and environmental co-benefits under a resilient and regenerative lens that underscores Indigenous economic principles. The capacity building and technical assistance provided through the SEEDING Initiative will ensure that borrowers will be able to increase their ability to take on future capital if needed, while also strengthening their internal capability for sustaining and growing their enterprises.

NDN Fund will work with selected development projects and businesses to further determine their capital readiness. Our goal is to source projects that we can invest in, but selection does not guarantee an investment. If an investment is not made, the project or business still greatly benefits from our capacity building and expertise, including connections to critical funding and investing networks.


Ideal Applicants:

  • Tribal Nation, Tribal Corporation and/or an Indigenous-led and owned development projects across all of Indian Country (tribally-based, rural, and urban)
  • Looking for $100,000 to $5,000,000 in debt capital
  • Looking for capacity building and/or technical assistance opportunities

You Are Too Early If:

  • You have not completed and filed the last three years of business tax returns or your financial audits with management letters.
  • You have an idea but haven’t incorporated the business with a Tribe or state.

You May Not be a Good Fit If:

  • You are looking for a bridge loan, or;
  • You are in need of a grant for your project or business. NDN Fund provides loans and technical assistance/capacity-building only, but within our ecosystem at NDN Collective, there may be other sources of capital please ask the NDN Fund Managing Director, Kim Pate.

Business Documents Needed to Submit w/Online Application:

  • Most current business plan
  • Last three years of business tax returns and/or audited financial statements
  • Most recent financials or financial projections (for startups)
  • Organizational documents
  • Current year annual budget
  • Resumes of management

Do your project or business fit within these areas?

NDN Fund lends and finances infrastructure development projects in Indian country in the areas of:

  • Community Development & Housing, focusing on affordable housing and community facilities;
  • Renewable Energy, focusing on community-owned and controlled renewable energy and a transition away from fossil fuels;
  • Resilient, Sustainable Infrastructure, focusing on roads, water, sewer, ecological wastewater, transmission lines, etc.;
  • Social Enterprise, focusing on innovative business ideas that offer clear social benefits with the potential to deliver services at scale; and
  • Regenerative Agriculture, focusing on innovations in technology, production, and supply chain that support local food systems and reduced climate impact

Does your project or business reflect on?

  • The interconnectedness of all things
  • Indigenous self-determination
  • Indigenous ways of knowing
  • How to be rooted in and honoring of place
  • Equity and justice for all people and the planet
  • Recognition of timelessness and responsibility to the future

You are now ready to submit an application

Please fill out the form below for consideration of debt capital and capacity-building opportunities from the NND Fund. Our team will review your application and reply soon with any updates or questions.


Complete the online application:


Complete the online application: