Capacity Building Services

Borrowers may qualify for free capacity building and technical assistance
based upon their needs, funding availability, and alignment to get borrowers’
loan ready all required information will be gathered during the loan application process.

Capacity building at NDN Fund is:

  • Supporting businesses with feasibility studies around marketing and business development to determine if taking on a loan from NDN Fund is a viable option
  • Providing business formation assistance, including business plan development
  • Providing grant application assistance
  • Aiding in filling out loan applications when applying for a loan from NDN Fund
  • Other services as needed and available

NDN Fund meets tribes and Indigenous businesses where they are, understanding where they want to be, providing the much-needed tailored technical assistance alongside the capital, enabling our borrowers to receive what they need to progress. This approach moves beyond the traditional transactional relationship in conventional lending and moves to one with a higher touch with our clients.

How Does NDN Fund Decide Eligibility for Our Loans and Capacity Building Development Services?

Using our Resilience Impact Assessment ©, NDN Fund selects potential borrowers and capacity building clients that show potential to have social and environmental impact that align with our values.