To learn more about how NDN Fund determines eligibility, please fill out the form below for consideration of loan capital and capacity-building opportunities. 

  1. Does your project or business fit within these areas?
  • Community Development & Housing, focusing on affordable housing and community facilities;
  • Renewable Energy, focusing on community-owned and controlled renewable energy and a transition away from fossil fuels;
  • Resilient, Sustainable Infrastructure, focusing on roads, water, sewer, ecological wastewater, transmission lines, etc.;
  • Social Enterprise, focusing on innovative business ideas that offer clear social benefits with the potential to deliver services at scale; and
  • Regenerative Agriculture, focusing on innovations in technology, production, and supply chain that support local food systems and reduced climate impact
  1. Is your business/project either? 
  • Native-Owned
  • Tribal Enterprises and/or Tribal Economic Development Corporations
  • Tribal Nations
  1. NDN Collective’s commitment to a new and better normal is part of a long-term community resilience and sustainability model. NDN’s strategies of Defend, Develop, and Decolonize provide opportunities for more innovative and sustainable solutions led by a collective of Indigenous peoples, communities, and nations. We believe this approach is necessary for justice and equity of all people and the planet.  Does your organization or Tribe’s mission and community work align with this mission? 
  1. NDN Collective defines Indigenous peoples as ethnic communities whose ancestry descends from the earliest, original inhabitants of a given region, in contrast to groups that have settled, occupied, and/or colonized the region more recently.  NDN defines “Indigenous-led” as organizations or entities whose board or decision-making body composition is 100% Indigenous and whose staff composition is at least 70% Indigenous.  While organizations with less than that composition may still choose to apply, it will be expected that plans for developing and empowering 100% Indigenous leadership and decision-making are included in the proposal.  

Is your organization Indigenous-led, in accordance with the above definition?

  1. What size loan do you need? Enter loan amount requested here:  ____________
  1. How ready is your business? 
  • The business is ready, has been ready, for a loan. 
  • There is a business idea.
  • Not ready, need some support to move forward. 

Thank you for completing the screening questions! Our team will review your pre-application and respond within two business days.